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Jeu A Dream Remake gratuit sur PC, Mac & Linux (Dématérialisé - DRM-Free)

14 avril 2022

Ce deal n'est plus valable, mais voici des idées pour trouver votre bonheur :

A short game where you're stuck inside of a dream. You need to solve mind boggling puzzles and do challenging parkour to escape. Good luck!

  • 11 different challenging levels.
  • Simple but proven parkour mechanics.
  • Dreamy aesthetic where you'll get absorbed into the scene.
  • Interesting puzzles.
  • Intuitive gameplay.
  • Runs well on low end PCs.
  • Short game. Speed runnable.

Your wife and kid have left you. You have nothing but pain left in your life. Trying to numb out at least some of that pain, you drink. When you finally go to sleep, your dreams haunt you. See what your dreams have in store for you and play the game.

Note: The game is not story centered.

New Remake Features
  • New Levels.
  • New Content.
  • Added short story elements.
  • Astronomically improved aesthetics.
  • Vastly improved player controls.
  • Hand Picked Music Tracks.
  • Better performance.
NOTE: If you have previously purchased the original A-Dream, contact. I'll send you a free copy.

WarningPlease don't expect any fancy graphics or fancy gameplay. This game is a classic puzzle game and I am proud of the way the lighting and aesthetics turned out. If you came here looking for graphics, this is not the right place. But if you came here for a classic game to pass time, then I bet you'll enjoy this!
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