Application Android/iPhone 'Slideshow 365' gratuite (au lieu de 0.75€)

Application Android/iPhone 'Slideshow 365' gratuite (au lieu de 0.75€)

30 septembre 2014
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Ce logiciel sert à créer des diaporamas avec vos photos et chansons. Une fois que vous avez terminé vous pouvez convertir votre diaporama en vidéo en utilisant l'app pour ensuite la partager sur Faceboo et Youtube.

Pour avoir la version sans pubs : ouvrez l'appli, cliquez sur "Enter Promo Code" et entrez "appoftheday" pour tout débloquer.

(je pense que l'astuce fonctionne aussi pour les iPhone, etc ...)

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Slideshow 365 is a simple and easy way to create video slideshows with music and a variety of effects instantly from your phone and share them via Facebook, Youtube, or Email! On most phones, videos will be saved directly to your gallery and can be uploaded directly; with no hyperlinks or 3rd party websites needed!

Create slideshows in two different ways:

1: Create a timelapse project that will allow you track the progress of your subject. With this feature, you can ask Slideshow 365 to remind you to take daily, weekly, or monthly photos of your project. This is a great way to take on a "Picture a day" project.

-Baby growing up
-Weight loss
-Body building
-Construction project
-Art project
+So much more!

All project photos will be stored specifically in it's own folder for each project so that when it's time to create your slideshow, it can be done with a quick click of a single button and is ready to be shared with the world!

2: Use photos from your existing photo gallery on your device and share your newly created video with the world!

Slideshow videos that are saved and created with the Slideshow 365 Premium version will save and be stored in your phones gallery as a video file.

*****Note: Slideshow 365 Premium will create MP4 video files. Due to compatability issues on some devices, it may be necessary to install a 3rd party media player such as MX Player to play video files from your device.*****
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Pour info, ce logiciel est gratuit mais financé par les pubs.
Ce Code Promo permet de l'avoir en version Af-Free, sans pub.
La versions sans-pub pouvant aussi s'acheter à 0€75 en achat In-App, mais autant utliser ce Code Promo
Je prends.
+2 merci ^^
merci !
Pris aussi!
En revanche l'upload sur You tube avec sa musique...Ca sent la modération à chaque fois ça!
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