Application Converter Pro gratuite sur iOS (au lieu de 2.99 €)

Application Converter Pro gratuite sur iOS (au lieu de 2.99 €)

3 avril 2015
Un petit convertisseur très complet au design plutôt sympa', rien de plus, juste l'essentiel. L'application devient gratuite dès maintenant et pour une durée limitée. Profitez !

Descriptif de l'application :

"Converter Pro is a units & currency converter with a super clean interface, in-line calculator, customizable color, and over 470 units (including 155 currencies). Display only the units and categories you want and put them in any order. Fast, easy to use. Pick a category, pick a unit, and then enter an amount. All other units are instantly converted relative to your selected unit as you enter the selected unit amount."

- Customizable color.
- Auto Currency Updates.
- Auto Scientific E-Notation Toggle.
- Both unit names and symbols shown.
- Results with up to 10 significant digits.
- Unit names are automatically pluralized.
- Convert multiple units / currencies at once.
- Full screen calculator quickly accessible from bottom toolbar.
- Automatic formatting of extremely large or small numbers with scientific E-Notation.
- In-line calculator while converting (fractions, decimals, add, subtract, multiply, divide).
- Automatic formatting of numbers based on your Region (e.g. U.S., Canada, Australia, Spain, etc...).
- Customizable units list (display only the units & unit categories you want in whatever order you want).

Site officiel de l'application :…er/

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