Application Curvegram gratuite sur iOS (au lieu de 2.99 €)

Application Curvegram gratuite sur iOS (au lieu de 2.99 €)

1 avril 2015
Curvegram est une application qui va vous permettre d’ajouter du texte incurvé à vos photos sur le site de partage Instagram. L'application passe dorénavant gratuite sur le store, profitez.

Descriptif de l'application :

"Add beautifully curved texts on your Instagram !"

- iOS 7 Ready.
- Tons of frames.
- Upload to SNS.
- Beautiful curve shapes.
- Save as high resolution.
- Send direct to Instagram.
- Export texts as watermark.
- Move, resize and rotate each text.
- Custom Font - Add any font you want.
- Create custom curve with your finger touch.
- Unlimited number of texts - not just one text.
- Tons of artistic fonts (including all iOS fonts).
- Powerful photo editor - effects, frames and stickers.
- Beautiful text styles and colors including gradient color.
- Tons of background templates - optimized for Instagram.

Site officiel de l'application :…os/

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