Application ProTracker Plus gratuite sur iOS (au lieu de 3.99 €)

Application ProTracker Plus gratuite sur iOS (au lieu de 3.99 €)

12 mai 2015
Avis aux futurs ou nouveaux acquéreurs d'une Apple Watch. Aujourd'hui ProTracker Plus, une application de suivi Nutrition et Exercice devient gratuite pour une durée limitée. Avec l'arrivé des beaux jours, le sport est de rigueur, le bon moment en soi pour la télécharger. Bonnes séances à tous.

Descriptif de l'application :

"Points tracking on Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and iPod. So you've got a few pounds to lose and you've tried everything but still have no significant results ? Well look no further because it is a proven fact that people who write down what they eat can nearly triple their weight loss, and ProTracker Plus does just that for you. Carrying a pen and paper with you all day is not the most practical way to keep a food diary, but with ProTracker Plus you'll always be just one touch away from your food diary. It has all the benefits of a paper tracker plus much more. Simply put, this app will help you lose weight and keep it off. You can have all these benefits and avoid the monthly fees for a low one time price !"

- Barcode Scanner / Over 250,000 + UPC's available.
- Apple Watch / View a glance of your day on the Apple Watch.
- Online Food Database / Over 130,000 + restaurant data + USDA foods.
- Meal Builder - Build customized meals by grouping various foods into one item.
- Weight Tracker / Track your weight each week and view your weight loss progress.
- Diary / Track your food, exercise, weight and healthy checks on a daily/weekly basis.
- Barcode Submissions / Submit barcodes that are unavailable for addition to the database.
- Charts / Nutrition and Category breakdown charts give you a weekly breakdown of your food consumption
- PDF Reports / Generate PDF reports that show you a summary of your week. These reports can then easily be emailed, printed or saved.

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J'espère que vous serez mieux lotis que samsung car trop peu d'applis sur ma gear fit !
Très bonne appli et pour pas cher ^^
Merci +2
C'est normal de la voir à 3.99€ ? Je présume que la gratuité est passée ...
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