Casque Hi-Fi Yamaha HPH-MT220

Casque Hi-Fi Yamaha HPH-MT220

116,95€206€ (-43%)
Pays d'expédition : Italie28 janvier 2014
Super promo pour ce casque de studio Yamaha HPH-MT 220 Full Size

Bande passante écouteurs: 15-28000 Hz,
Impédance: 37 ohm,
Sensibilité: 99 db.

Lien Yamaha :…del

Testé par la magazine HifiWorld en décembre 2013 :
"excellent" (4 out of 5 points)
"Keenly priced"
Unless you have something against having a slightly warm upper-mid register, Yamaha's HPH-MT 220s are a superb buy. They are perfectly suited to indoor monitoring thanks to their balanced sound and comfort, but their light weight, solid build and nice looks mean they are equally well-suited to on-the-move listening too. You can't ask for much more at this price.

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çà m'a lair du bon deal çà ! bravo +3


Yamaha c'est du bon en général
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