Halo : Spartan Strike sur iOS

Halo : Spartan Strike sur iOS

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24 mai 2016
J'ai pas l'habitude de mettre des applications payantes mais là c'est autre chose

Test du jeu avec trailer ^^ apps-and-play.com/201…ke/

Delve into 30 challenging missions through cities and jungles using a devastating arsenal of weapons, abilities and vehicles including the iconic Warthog against the Covenant and Promethean enemies.

You are a Spartan supersoldier in this classified ONI simulation that starts during the events of Halo 2 on New Mombasa in 2552. Lead UNSC troops through numerous missions battling against new enemies to save Earth from being overtaken.

Top Features
• Crush your enemies using the iconic Warthog or sweep them from the battlefield using the all-new Kestrel VTOL.
• Face off against Promethean enemies; deadly mechanical warriors who seek mankind’s annihilation.
• Experience an all-new story that will take you from New Mombasa on Earth to the enigmatic Gamma Halo located at the edge of charted space.
• Earn achievements, complete weekly challenges and take the top position against friends in leaderboards that showcase your Halo gaming skills.

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Jeu sympathique mais que je conseil dl avantage sur tablette ^^

Merci ! Je l'ai pris avec askovore
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