Jeu Android Table Tennis Touch à 1.13€ @ Play Store

-100°Jeu Android Table Tennis Touch à 1.13€ @ Play Store

Posté par BlueGiant le 14/09/2015 à 22h20

Jeu Android Table Tennis Touch à 1.13€ @ Play Store

Le 14/09/2015 à 22h20

Le 14/09/2015 à 22h46

Jeu Android Table Tennis Touch à 1.13€ @ Play Store


1.13€ 3.99€ (-72%)


Test FrAndroid :


Stunning graphics, intuitive touch controls and exhilarating high-speed gameplay make Table Tennis Touch® the definitive ping pong game on mobile and an Editors' Choice on the Play Store.

Meet Wiff Waff, your very own training robot - then pick up a paddle and battle your way through three epic career levels. Earn Reputation to unlock bats, tournaments, leagues, throwdowns and insane mini-games. Serve, spin and smash your way to success by defeating 32 unique players in seven stunning arenas.

Table Tennis Touch gets fast, really fast - you have been warned!

• Career mode
• Quick Game mode
• Arcade mode featuring 12 mini games
• Unlockable bats
• Advanced physics and AI
• No in-app purchases - everything is unlocked with skill 
• Play Games leaderboards and achievements
• Cloud save with Saved Games
• COMING SOON - multiplayer and lots more!

# Metacritic score of 92%
# Selected as Editors' Choice

"The best ping pong game on mobile...Table Tennis Touch is a brilliant sports game"
- Pocket Gamer, 9/10 (Gold Award)

"...these words are being typed by fingers that are positively dancing across the keyboard. The sooner this review is done, the sooner the table tennis can resume."
- Stuff magazine, 5/5

"...will leave your heart pounding and your fingers twitching." 
- The Sunday Times

" of those games you think you'll just dip into every so often, but find yourself playing compulsively on the sofa." 
- The Guardian

"Table Tennis Touch is a superb translation of the tabletop sport."
- AppSpy, 5/5

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Le 14/09/2015 à 23h23

#1 Signaler
Wow, -60 et pas un seul commentaire. Tu t'es fait des potes ce soir! ;)

Le 15/09/2015 à 0h03

#2 Signaler
C'est toujours celles et ceux qui ne mettent pas de commentaires qui mettent souvent -2 sans raison.
+2 pour moi, 1 € c'est pas du vol.

Le 15/09/2015 à 8h15

#3 Signaler
+2 il me rappelle nono le petit robot

Le 15/09/2015 à 8h39

#5 Signaler
+2 les gens ne veulent que du gratos

Le 15/09/2015 à 9h00

#6 Signaler
Gratuitement sur Amazon

Le 15/09/2015 à 10h28

#7 Signaler
Gratuitement sur Amazon
Perso je le vois pas gratuitement ^^

Le 20/11/2015 à 20h14

#8 Signaler
Deal expiré...

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