Jeu Vector-Z gratuit sur iOS (au lieu de 0.99 €)

Jeu Vector-Z gratuit sur iOS (au lieu de 0.99 €)

25 mars 2015
Une bonne petite reprise à la sauce "Space Invader" des années 80 avec un design retro au top, le jeu est gratuit sur une durée limitée, à tester.

Descriptif du jeu :

"A retro-styled space shooter made with old-school vector graphics. Vector-Z: Space Ranger is like no game you've ever played before ... unless like us, you remember pumping quarters into machines in the 1980's ! This game is a unique, retro-style arcade game with glowing multicolor vector-graphics, analog synthesizer-made sounds, and a retro soundtrack to boot. It will take you back to the 80’s arcades, dark rooms flashing with the glow of aliens and asteroids, as if the vector technology, instead of being abandoned, kept progressing, enabling more enemy sprites, particle-like effects, and high frame rates. In this game you pilot a lone starfighter, to defend the galaxy against the alien horde. Featuring several kinds of aliens ... some even have shields you have to time your shots to break through. There’s also an asteroid bonus level where you can break up asteroids for points, and break up bigger asteroids for power-ups, including bonus shields, extra lives, score multiplier, and a faster fire rate. Vector-Z’s ship holds 2 missiles. One fires from each wing, so there’s a slight offset. There is also a brief reload time. Both of these factors make the game a little more interesting and challenging than it first appears. Especially if you are going for all the bonus points from accuracy: at 50% you get 100 pts per hit, 200 pts at 75%, 400 pts at 90%, and 800 bonus pts per hit with 100% accuracy ! This product is compatible with iCade."

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