Logiciel Editeur d'mages gratuit sur PC

Logiciel Editeur d'mages gratuit sur PC

16 décembre 2013
Le programme gratuit du jour...
Un éditeur d'image, Pro.

Pour les anglophones: "TwistedBrush Pro Studio is an outstanding image editor that lets you work with realistic media such as pastels, oils, watercolors, and more. With TwistedBrush Pro Studio, you'll be able not only to create stunning digital images, but also to edit original works and photos. Experience the wonders of full 64-bit color depth, letting you blend colors smoothly as you work with realistic art media brushes. Use text brushes, plant/tree brushes, patterns, fractals, and more. Take advantage of layers to exercise fine control over your work. And with over 8000 brushes, 200 filters, 440 brush effects, and 600 brush shapes, the possibilities are endless!"

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  1. Informatique
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