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Skateboard électrique WowGo AT2 (avec pneumatiques 175 All Terrian) - WowGoBoard.com

19 août 2020Pays d'expédition : Chine

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Ca fait longtemps que je lorgne sur un skate électrique performant (3000 Watts) sans vouloir mettre les 2 000 € des marques américaines comme EVOLVE / LACROIX.

Il y a un test assez détaillé ici : TEST

Pour les specs :

● 1 Slow mode: 0-12miles/h(0-20km/h)
● 2 Normal mode: 0-18miles/h(0-30km/h)
● 3 Fast mode: 0-22miles/h(0-35km/h)
● 4 Turbo mode: 0-25miles/h(0-40km/h)
● Hill Climbing: 30%

Pneumatic AT Wheels & Swappable Street Wheels:
● 175*50 mm pneumatic AT wheels, which offer better shock absorption for a smoother ride, very comfortable for the legs on long distances and it could handle many kind of road conditions
● Easily switch from all terrain wheels to 105mm or 120mm street wheels

Powerful 14AH Flexible Battery Pack & New Design Enclosure :
● Flexible battery paired to flexible deck and offer a comfortable riding.
● Battery Capacity:14AH
● Battery cells Brand: Japan Sanyo Battery cells
● Range:up to 35km(22miles)range

New flexible Enclosure:
● Very high hardness
● Effective structure design for ESC cooling
● Reducing the failure rate of ESC caused by overheating

Powerful Dual 6368 Belt Motors:
● 2*1500W rated power high-quality and high-precision motor
● Excellent dynamic balance, which makes much less noise when it’s working
● More power can be effectively utilized with our cooling system

Hobbywing Upgraded ESC:
● Working on higher current with upgraded hardware
● Equipped with the new upgraded program, which makes the riding experience more powerful and comfortable, it’s very smooth on acceleration and braking

306 mm Diameter Double Kingpin Trucks:
● Smoother and very flexible carving experience
● High strength

New Fiberglass + Bamboo + Canadian Maple Deck:
● Flexible and high strength, more comfortable with feet.
● Material:Fiberglass+Bamboo+Canadian Maple Deck

Smart OLED Remote:
● Smart digital display, one keyoperation, user-friendly design, simple and comfortable
● Read the riding information easily

Continental 5M Belt:
● Famous belt brand, more reliable and durable,avoid skidding
● CNC Wheel Hub
● High precision CNC wheel hub,very durable

Water Resistant
Wowgo AT is treated with IP55 water resistant. However, riding in rainy days is not recommended

Warranty: 9 months

Package contents
● 1 x completely assembled WOWGO AT Board
● 1 x OLED remote with USB charging cable
● 2 x extra Continental or Gates belt
● 1 x certificated charger
● 1 x DC charger adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)
● 1 x T-tool
● 1 x rear LED light
● 1 x user manual
● 4 x 120mm Cloudwhees+4 x Continental or Gates belt+2 x Pulleys (only 2 in 1)
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