Bundle e-book : The Unofficial Doctor Who (uniquement en anglais) 2.3€ @ Storybundle

-36°ExpiréBundle e-book : The Unofficial Doctor Who (uniquement en anglais) 2.3€ @ Storybundle

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ExpiréBundle e-book : The Unofficial Doctor Who (uniquement en anglais) 2.3€ @ Storybundle

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Un bundle sympa pour les fans de Doctor Who, non allergique à la langue de Shakespare !

- 3$ les 4 livres :
Dalek I Loved You - Nick Griffiths
"... an unadulterated nostalgia-fest written with fun, wit and love. I've rarely read anything that so reflects my own opinions and feelings about the series..." –Doctor Who Magazine

Dining With The Doctor - Chris-Rachel Oseland
"Dining with The Doctor: The Unofficial Whovian Cookbook might be one of the most entertaining cookbooks a Whovian could imagine." –Wired's Geek Mom

Who & Me - Barry Letts
"Highly recommended to fans of this period of Doctor Who and also to anyone interested in the early history of British television." –Reader Review

Tardis Eruditorum Vol. 2: Patrick Troughton - Philip Sandifer
"Absolutely fascinating, and hugely persuasive. I wished I'd read this before tackling the story in Running Through Corridors!" –Rob Shearman

- 10 $ avec 2 livres en sus : (=> €7,75 EUR avec paiement Paypal)
VWORP! - Earl Green
"VWORP!1 is just the beginning of your complete guide to the travels of the TARDIS, pointing out noteworthy original series adventures to fans of the new series, and finding hints of the show's larger narrative in some of the oddest places." –The Retroist

The Best of TARDIS Eruditorum - Philip Sandifer
"He has some really serious and fascinating points to make about how television was made and viewed back in the 1960s, while all we do is bicker about the length of Barbara’s skirts." –Neil Perryman

Le 1° prix sans les bonus est intéressant (peu cher) mais le pack complet aussi : VWORP! a l'air pas mal : lien amazon, permet de 'feuilleter' quelques pages = http://www.amazon.fr/Vworp-Connecting-Who-Old-And/dp/1477523502

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Le 19/08/2013 à 10h16

#1 Signaler
Merci pour le deal ;). Par contre bundle e-book en anglais ça limite pas mal :(.

Le 21/08/2013 à 9h35

#2 Signaler
Deal fini !
Je reposterai ce genre de deal quand Dealabs sera multilingue ;)

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