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Application Xmart Calculator Pro gratuite sur iOS
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Application Xmart Calculator Pro gratuite sur iOS

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83° Expiré
Application Xmart Calculator Pro gratuite sur iOS
18 août 2021

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Calculatrice pour idevice plutôt sympathique.

Description (en anglais):
Xmart Calculator is appreciated as an intelligent, programmable and expandable calculator based on text expression.

In addition to most of the common and scientific functions, users can also define personal functions.

All calculations are step-by-step traceable.

**Quick start:

* There is no '=' button in this calculator app, it will calculate and show result as soon as the expression is updated.

* Swipe up/down to hide/show the history records.

* Swipe left and right to hide/show the scientific/math functions.

**Main feature:

* Custom functions: user can define any algebra functions with up to 9 parameters.

* Use a custom function in the main expression or play with it separately.

* Calculate and show result instantly when the input is updated.

* Support most scientific math functions.

* Save calculation to history

* Recall history item or expression

* Name/label a history item meaningfully

* Record and show step by step details of the calculation

* Share history with friends

* Configure the colours and fonts

* Super fast mortgage calculator is included

* Turn ON/OFF the button sounds,

* Select button sound from 6 different options

* Support Apple Watch & iMessage

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