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1 t-shirt acheté = 1 t-shirt offert sur le site (Cumulable jusqu'à 6 t-shirts)
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1 t-shirt acheté = 1 t-shirt offert sur le site (Cumulable jusqu'à 6 t-shirts)

14 octobreÉdité par:"Arabiato"

Ce deal n'est plus valable, mais voici des idées pour trouver votre bonheur :

Une offre assez intéressante sur Qwertee avec un t-shirt acheté, un offert et cumulable (ex 2 achetés 2 offerts)

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So as a very special treat we'd like to offer you a very special "Buy One, Get One FREE" deal for the next 5 days only as an awesome treat just for you. How does it work? Simple! If you buy any 2 tees or prints you get the cheapest one completely FREE! And yes, you can "Buy 2 and get 2 FREE" etc all the way up to "Buy 4 get 4 Free" (limited to 6 tees per order for orders containing XXL or 3XL tees due to packing restrictions)! All you have to do is use your unique discount code "ZLNMRZSH" while checking out, it's just for you, and can only be used by you. This is literally the best offer we've ever given anyone, it means you get tees/prints right now from £4.5/€5.5/$6 each where YOU GET TO PICK THE DESIGNS YOU WANT, so we'd suggest taking advantage quickly. This offer ends at 23:59 GMT+1 October 20th!
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T'as quoi comme soucis à 40° ?
Je lave tous mes TS à cette température là et jamais eut de soucis (que ce soit ceux de Qwertee ou d'ailleurs).
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