15% de réduction minimum sur tout le site (+ sélection d'articles en promotion)

15% de réduction minimum sur tout le site (+ sélection d'articles en promotion)

17 novembre 2016
-- Deals --

Minimum 15% off all products storewide -- CODE: BLACK15

15% off all Wingnut Wings

Selected environments and dioramas - 2 for USD$200
The Fellowship of the Ring Set 2, The Fellowship of the Ring Set 3, Gates to Erebor, The Green Dragon Inn, The White Council Chamber, Bag End Open Edition

30% off Balrog statue

30% off selected DVDs and DVD sets

Planet of the Apes: Blu-ray collector's set with Caesar bust; Jane and the Dragon: Dragon Diva, Dragon Rules, Foul Weather Friends, Knight Light, Last of the Dragon; The WotWots: Australia, Chameleon, Flamingo, Peacock, Tiger, Zebra

30% off selected Hobbit jewellery
Thranduil's Ring, Acorn Pendant, Black Arrow Pendant

30% off selected LOTR jewellery
Aragorn's Ring, Elven Leaf Pendant, Nenya - Galadriel's Ring, Sting Pendant

30% off selected prop replicas and weapons
Knives of Nori the Dwarf, The Black Arrow, Dr Grordbort's Saboteur 66, Tauriel's bow and arrow

30% off Thunderbirds jewellery

30% off Warcraft jewellery

50% off selected prop replica weapons

Dwalin's Axes, Balin's Mace

50% off Hobbit holes

50% off Krampus figures

50% off selected Middle-earth character rings

Thorin's Ring, Thror's Ring, The One Ring (tungsten, without inscription)

60% off Tintin figures

Selected 1:6 and 1:10 scale figures - 2 for USD$200
Balin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dori, Dwalin, Gloin, Kili, Nori, Oin, Ori, Bilbo, Thorin Oakenshield Exclusive Edition, Gollum Enraged and Orgrim 1:10

Selected 1:6 scale figures - 2 for USD$400
King Thror on Throne, Yazneg Statue, Faramir, Azog Commander of Legions, Gandalf the Grey, Legolas, Radagast, Saruman, Elrond, Eowyn, Uruk-hai Warrior

Bookmarks - 2 for USD$15

Keyrings - 2 for USD$10

Tea-towels - 2 for USD$15

Barrel riders - 4 for USD$100 / 2 for USD$69 -- CODE: BARREL2 | BARREL4

Selected mini figures - 3 for USD$150
Arwen, Strider, Smaug King Under the Mountain, Frodo in Tree, Gandalf, Gollum, Ringwraith (Does not apply to Dol Guldur range)

Selected art prints - 5 for USD$100
Gates to Erebor, Baggins of Hobbiton, Eagles' Rescue, Map of East Farthing, Flight to the Ford, Riddles in the Dark, Dawn Counsel at Rivendell, Map of Hobbiton, Smaug over Laketown, An Unexpected Journey, When all other lights go out, Thorin's Map Parchment Art Print, Lineage of Durin, Map of the Shire, NZ Map of Middle-earth, Sunrise upon Edoras, Disturber of the Peace, The Argonath, Battle of the Peak, Parchment map of Middle-earth

Magnets - 5 for USD$20

Collectible pins - 5 for USD$35

Selected trolls - 3 for USD$150 / 2 for USD$80 -- CODE: 2TROLLS | 3TROLLS

Caps - USD$10 each

All 3 Warcraft 1:6 scale weapons for USD$99

Hobbit Chronicles books - 2 for USD$50

Leather cuffs - 2 for USD$40

Mini Grordbort's weapons - 2 for USD$60

Postcard books - buy 1 get 1 free

Selected books - USD$15 each

The Art of The Adventures of Tintin, Letters from Father Christmas, LOTR Location Guidebook (Extended Edition), LOTR Location Guide Revised Edition, Smaug: Unleashing the Dragon, Dr Grordbort's Triumph

All tees - 2 for USD$50

Stone pendants - buy 1 get 1 free

Purchase Thorin's Map prop replica + Key to Erebor for USD$100

-- Reverse Auctions --

In a reverse auction, the price of the product will drop at regular intervals until the max number of units has been sold.
Minas Tirith - Limited to 50 units.
Commences Thur 24 Nov at noon PST.
Dr Grordbort's Manmelter 3600zx – Limited to 15 units.
Commences Fri 25 Nov at noon PST.
Smaug bust - Limited to 50 units.
Commences Sat 26 Nov at noon PST.
Dr Grordbort's Victorious Mongoose – Limited to 25 units.
Commences Sun 27 Nov at noon PST.
Bilbo's contract prop replica – Limited to 10 units.
Commences Mon 28 Nov at noon PST.
Smaug the Terrible statue – Limited to 50 units.
Commences Mon 28 Nov at 2pm PST.

-- Terms and Conditions --
No other discounts will apply during the sale
Weta Dollars may be used during the sale.
The 15% storewide discount excludes items on pre-order or back-order
The 15% storewide discount excludes items already part of another offer
Any bespoke or manual order items such as 1:1 scale figures, The Master Swordsmith’s Collection and 18K One Ring are excluded from the sale.
All offers are valid from noon 24 Nov PST to noon 28 Nov PST or while stocks last.
Payment Plans will not be available during the sale
Only one discount coupon can be used in any single order
One customer can place multiple orders if they wish
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