Drop cesse ces activités dans l'horlogerie

17 mars 2021
Hello tous les fanas d'horlogerie,

Triste nouvelle, Drop cessera ces activités dans l'horlogerie à compté du 23 mars pour se concentrer sur des produits éléctroniques.

Mail recu hier soir :

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed some changes to our site over the last few months that emphasize the Audiophile and Mechanical Keyboards Communities. We have seen tremendous growth in these Communities, and after much deliberation we have made the decision to focus our resources on these two Communities exclusively.

Over the last few years we have built a strong following and portfolio of products in the Watches Community. However, in order to narrow our focus we will be sunsetting Watches on Drop.com, effective March 23rd. Any Watches-related product runs you’ve joined won’t be affected, and you’ll still see a few runs in our More Community Picks section.

We understand this is a big shift, and we want to thank everyone for their contributions and support over the years

Dommage il y avait clairement des bonnes affaires (encore plus aux USA d'ailleurs), ma Glycine Soda va peut être devenir collector...

Y'a plus qu'à trouver son digne successeur !
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