How Does ODR works?

16 juillet 2014
How does companies manages ODR?
Is every facture (Purchase bill) is verified at sellers site (cdiscount, topachat, etc..)?
As i do online purchases and bill is always printout from online portal.
also purchase bill (from CDISCOUNT) doesn't have IMEI number

How does it actually works?
For example,i buy a smartphone from CDISCOUNT, and some company processes my ODR request. do they verify my CDISCOUNT Facture copy? or all they require is date of purchase and original label from Phone's box
I am curious

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They never verify the invoice at sellers sites, you only have to provide it so they can check if the purchase has been made during the dates of the offer, at the right place (because all the retailers aren't eligible to these offers) ;).


Pressé de voir un russe débarquer



Pressé de voir un russe débarqué

Je parle souvent de ce site a mon ami russe Il hallucine quand il vois les erreurs de prix cdiscount a 0.01ct .


On peut pas tout avoir


Non mais le truc, c'est que lorsque tu viens sur un site français ben tu fais l'effort de la langue
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