Quels sont avantages a rooter sa Kindle Paperwhite ?

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5 décembre 2015

J'aimerai bien connaitre les avantages a rooter sa Kindle 2015.


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I just jailbroke my Kindle PW2 this morning. Since then I've … I just jailbroke my Kindle PW2 this morning. Since then I've installed:-Leafpad, a notepad/ text editing program for kindle-Draw, a VERY simple drawing application that's pretty fun-Minesweeper-Chess-A Calculator-Skipstone, an alternative browser and-Gnash to give it Flash support-Best of all, in my opinion, I installed Frotz which lets me play old "interactive fiction" text adventure games but on my kindle. I think this is the ultimate enjoyment, having handheld fiction you can interact with in the book format of the kindle. Extreme nerd mode here, but I love it.There is also an IRC client, a Comic Book format reader, VNC/ remote desktop programs. Additionally there is a gameboy emulator but I don't think they have made it Paperwhite compatible yet. Some people even install things like DuokanOh, and I got custom screensavers, but everyone's done that.

En gros tu peux installer des applis non prévu à l'origine et personnaliser ton appareil
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