Retours chez rue du commerce (returning items in rue du commerce)

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21 novembre 2014
Je l'ai fait un achat de plusieurs articles en utilisant les promotions.
Sur le montant total était supérieur à 400 € la réduction est de 30 €, pour soi-dessus de 500 € la réduction est de 50 €.

Le total de mon achat était de 510 €, donc je l'ai reçu une réduction de 50 €.
Mais maintenant, je voudrais échanger un article (pour obtenir une encore plus cher ...) mais je pense que ma seule option est de retourner l'article que je l'ai fait, et après faire un nouvel achat pour le nouveau.

L'article que je veux retourner coûts 80 €, alors je ai bien peur que le coût total de ma commande baissera à 430 €, et je vais être appliquée la réduction de 30 €. En fin de compte je vais recevoir 50 € en arrière de l'élément qui coûte 80 €.

Ce correct?
-Désolé mon français est très mauvais parce que commençais à apprendre, il ya 3 mois.-

(I have made a purchase of multiple items using the promotions.
Of the total amount was above 400€ the discount was 30€, se for above 500€ the discount was 50€.
The total of my purchase was 510€, so I've received a discount of 50€.
But now I would like to exchange an article (to get one even more expensive...) but I think my only option is to return the article that I have, and after make a new purchase for the new one.

The article that I want to return costs 80€, so I'm afraid that the total cost of my order will drop to 430€, and I'll be applied the discount of 30€. In the end I'll receive 50€ back for the item that costs 80€.

Is this what I should expect as a result of the return?)

3 commentaires

Hi IndridCold

welcome to France and here to Dealabs!

Well, you are asking for an exchange and in order to buy one even more expensive, so finally according to the offer, you should keep the 50€ reduction.
You should expose the matter to their customers service by e-mail. Don't mention about the offer, just that you would like to return something and buy something else instead.

If you need some help with any translation or whatever, feel free to ask


Hi Xpleen

The first issue is that there is no costumer suport by email....
From what I understood, the usual process to change something is to return the item, and setup a new order.

With this I think they will recalculate the total value of the initial order, and without the returned item they will remove the code. I'll losse 50€

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you must find a button "service client" and be able to send a message then…php
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