Revolut - problème avec une carte disposable hackée

3 mai 2022

J'ai un problème avec la carte bancaire disposable de Revolut. J'ai autorisé le paiement à Amazon et Google la même carte disposable, mais c'est juste une autorisation, il n'y a pas de paiement et cette carte est toujours utilisable.
Le 08/04, vers 8h20 j'ai vu une notification sur mon téléphone concernant un paiement via Huawei service.
J'ai signalé tout de suite à Revolut et au début on m'a renversé cette somme en attendant une investigation.
Et le 21/04 on m'a dit qu'il n'y a pas de fraude, et on a fait le chargeback. Ça veut dire que j'ai détecté la fraude, j'ai signalé presque immédiatement (<30mins depuis la transaction est faite), mais Revolut a dit que ce n'est pas fraude et j'ai perdu mon argent. Pas de remboursement. Heureusement j'ai une limite de 5€ pour le budget de la carte, mais j'ai perdu ma confiance à Revolut. Je voudrais avoir votre avis sur la réponse de Revolut ?


La réponse finale de Revolut :

J'ai demandé l'explication sur son investigation, on me répond aujourd'hui :

Summary of events and explanation

You have filed a complaint with us regarding the outcome of a chargeback claim that you are unhappy with.

On April 8th 2022, a transaction was made using your disposable card for the sum of 4.68EUR to Huawei Services Hk. Your first concern voiced in your complaint was that you did not know who authorised this payment. The disposable card is a virtual card where the card number is destroyed after every transaction and new one is automatically generated in-app. Since the details are destroyed after one use, this protects you from online fraud. The card details are also protected, and can only be accessed through authorisation by the customer, such as entering their passcode, touch ID, or face ID.

You provided us screenshots of linking your disposable card to Amazon and Google. These were not payments, as shown in the description the card was not charged in both instances. Once the payment to Huawei Services Hk was processed, the disposable card was terminated. I would recommend having a look at your Google account, as there may be a subscription that could be the source of the charge. The transaction was an ecommerce transaction, from our end I can see the name of the merchant was Tech Vision System Ltd with an address in Kowloon, HK. Please bear in mind that this is not the physical entity where the card was used, but rather the address where the entity is registered.

You submitted a chargeback claim on April 8th, and on that same day you received provisional credit to your account while your claim was being investigated. The details were outlined in an email also sent on April 8th, explaining that you would have full use of the credit while your case was being looked into, and the credit would be reversed should the claim not be valid.

On April 21st, the investigation was concluded and the result was that no fraudulent activity was detected on your account and the chargeback claim was denied. This resulted in the 4.68EUR that was provisionally credited to your account to be reversed.

As the disposable card and its details can only be accessed through the app after authorisation, and due to the fact our team has fully checked your account and there was no sign of any form of hack or similar unauthorised access to it, which means that no one has breached it; this cannot be considered a fraudulent payment.

While I do understand that this is not the outcome you were hoping for, I would like to clarify that the chargeback process in general is framed by a very detailed and consistent set of rules which encompass every possible scenario relating to card transactions. These rules are dictated by the MasterCard and VISA card schemes, and both merchants and financial institutions like Revolut Payments UAB are obliged to adhere to them.

Revolut Payment UAB’s primary goal when handling such requests is to protect our customers. Whatever may have happened with your card transactions, it is in our best interest to have it resolved in a way that will benefit you, but at the same time we must ensure that the aforementioned card scheme guidelines are followed during this process.

More information on how chargeback works can be found on this blog post:…ck/

Furthermore, when it comes to a potential refund for these payments, I am afraid this will also not be possible since it is not applicable under our Terms and Conditions for refund rights, listed in detail under point 26. Please note that this clause has been written in accordance with the aforementioned MasterCard rules for chargeback cases.…rms

Our View

In light of my findings above, and specifically mindful of the mentioned Clause 26 of our Terms and Conditions and the fact that we were not able to dispute your transaction further due to MasterCard regulations that are completely independent from Revolut, I am unable to uphold your complaint at this time.

Be that as it may, please allow me to clarify that, by not upholding your complaint, we are not dismissing your negative experience. It simply means that, from an objective point of view and to the best of my knowledge, Revolut has not acted unfairly on this occasion.

I appreciate that this might not be the outcome you would expect and I do understand the frustration that this situation may have caused you. However, in light of these circumstances, I trust that you will find my explanation and decision transparent, and I also hope that I was able to reassure you that we have acted in your best interest at all times.

Although I sincerely hope you will not face a similar situation in the future, I would nonetheless like to offer some suggestions that may help avoid such occurrences:

If you ever receive an SMS with a verification code, do not share it with anyone;
Always pay close attention to any verification notification you receive in your Revolut app, and only accept it if you are completely certain that this payment was initiated by you and that you recognise it;
Do not allow anyone other than yourself to have access to your Revolut account, email account, phone number and details of your Revolut cards.
Avoid inputting your full card information into any website or platform that you do not know or trust;
As soon as you notice any unrecognised transactions on your account, even if they are declined or for a small amount, block your card immediately until you have cleared the matter.
If you have any questions at all or have any doubts about payments in the future, please do not hesitate to contact our support team, as they are available 24/7.

Your rights

If you are unhappy with how we have dealt with your complaint, you can refer it to the Bank of Lithuania within 1 (one) year of the date you sent us your complaint. In this case the Bank of Lithuania would act as out of court dispute resolution authority dealing with disputes between consumers and financial service providers. Their address is: Žalgirio g. 90, 09303 Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania. You can find more information on their website:

Please note that should you wish to have a possibility to apply to the *Bank of Lithuani*a as to the out of court dispute resolution authority, then you shall make your complaint to us within 3 (three) months from the day that you found out or should have found out about the alleged violation of your rights or legitimate interests arising from contract with us.

Examination of the Complaint at the Bank of Lithuania is free of charge.
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