3 jeux PC gratuits ce week-end @ Black Sell Games

69°3 jeux PC gratuits ce week-end @ Black Sell Games

Posté par lafroumi le 20/04/2014 à 10h35

3 jeux PC gratuits ce week-end @ Black Sell Games

Le 20/04/2014 à 10h35

Le 21/04/2014 à 0h54

3 jeux PC gratuits ce week-end @ Black Sell Games




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De petits jeux (en anglais) gratuits ce week-end. Pour l'instant je n'ai essayé que SanctuaryRPG qui est plutôt plaisant.
lien de l'éditeur : http://blackshellgames.com/projects/

edit: en bonus donnez ce que vous voulez pour l'OST de SanctuaryRPG :

SanctuaryRPG (celui-ci est toujours gratuit) is a critically acclaimed strategic turn-based monster slaying and dungeon crawling adventure set in the retro ASCII-art world of Sanctuary. The game is FREE to download and play to your heart's content. Drawing inspiration from Roguelikes and Japanese RPGs, we have poured over 10,000 hours of meticulous work into this game. Every aspect is designed to offer a compelling and replayable gameplay experience. With dynamic combat, hilarious dialogue, and plenty of weapons at your disposal, this is truly one of the most ambitious ASCII-art RPGs of 2014.

Ayrton ($0.99) is a turn-based ASCII racing simulator designed to test both your patience and your skills. We developed Ayrton for a game jam, and decided to add a couple features before releasing it out to the public! It is definitely a rage-inducing game, but once you get the hang of it, you might just enjoy yourself!

Silent Vac ($2.99) is a stealth-action roguelike currently in Early Access Alpha. This game has been in production for over half a year, but we're finally putting it out there for you guys to enjoy! If you buy an alpha copy of this game, you get it for cheaper than its full price! Plus, every purchase gets us one step closer to having a solid, polished game for you to play.

Blue Whale Save ($0.99) A game about following orders. You must save the whales. Blue Whale Save was developed for a game jam, but is now being fully released! It seems like a simple game, but once you break it down it's far from that. Save 500 whales and you will discover a chilling truth.

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Le 20/04/2014 à 10h44

#1 Signaler
tu t'es trompé il n'y a pas 3 mais 4 jeux

Le 20/04/2014 à 10h47

#2 Signaler
tu t'es trompé il n'y a pas 3 mais 4 jeux
4 jeux, mais 3 jeux gratuits ce week-end, le dernier étant toujours gratuit

Le 20/04/2014 à 11h41

#3 Signaler
Ah voilà enfin l'occasion de resortir mon videopac ou ma atari 2600. Nan je blague je passe mon tour mais +3 quand même.

Le 20/04/2014 à 13h43 (Modifié le 20/04/2014 à 13h43)

#4 Signaler
Coucou Idris :P
Oui il y en a 4 :)

Le 20/04/2014 à 22h28

#6 Signaler
j'ai ajouté un lien vers l'OST de SanctuaryRPG, payez ce que vous voulez.

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