Application Clippo gratuite sur iOS (au lieu de 1.49€) @ Apple

39°Application Clippo gratuite sur iOS (au lieu de 1.49€) @ Apple

Posté par Mini-Tyson le 13/04/2016 à 11h40

Application Clippo gratuite sur iOS (au lieu de 1.49€) @ Apple

Le 13/04/2016 à 11h40

Le 13/04/2016 à 12h00

Application Clippo gratuite sur iOS (au lieu de 1.49€) @ Apple




Permet de partagez et gérer rapidement vos textes, images, liens et clips sur Mac et iOS .

Clippo is the ultimate time saver for your daily work. Share and manage clipboards between your devices with no drawbacks. Save text, links and images that you have copied to your clipboard from any app. Quickly access your saved clips from the Today Widget and copy them back to your clipboard in its original format.

Have you ever wondered for a quick way to store your clips and share them across your devices for access later? Clippo is the app that you are waiting for. Just select your clip and copy it into your clipboard. Clippo will sync, save and categorize your clips for you, automagically and across all of your devices.

Clippo is not only an awesome clipboard manager. Thanks to its smart engine, your clips will be categorized and for each of them you will have the corresponding quick actions available with just a swipe. Open in Safari, Call a number, Save to Camera Roll and Open in Maps are only an example of the incredible potential available at your finger.


- Simple and polite UI designed exclusively for iOS9
- Automatically sync your clips across all your devices with iCloud support
- Smart contextual actions for your clips
- Today widget for quick access and managing
- Support for iOS9: 3D Touch, Quick Actions, Peek and Pop, Multitasking and Spotlight integration

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Ça ressemble fortement à une copie de "clips"

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