Cloud Player Deluxe gratuit sur iOS (au lieu de 0.99 €) @ Apple

41°Cloud Player Deluxe gratuit sur iOS (au lieu de 0.99 €) @ Apple

Posté par DylDec le 21/03/2016 à 07h40

Cloud Player Deluxe gratuit sur iOS (au lieu de 0.99 €) @ Apple

Le 21/03/2016 à 7h40

Cloud Player Deluxe gratuit sur iOS (au lieu de 0.99 €) @ Apple




Un lecteur audio compatible avec de nombreux services de Cloud (iTunes music, iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive)

The most advanced player for playing your favorite sets, songs, lectures and audiobooks from a cloud.
Cloud Player Deluxe supports local documents, iTunes music, iClud, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk.

5 major reasons to buy Cloud Player Deluxe

1. Remembers position in a file.
YES, you can pause playback and play another set or listen another audiobook. Position in the file is preserved and you can start from where you've paused.

You are able to add, import and export bookmarks for large files. Bookmarks are great for navigation inside huge files, audiobooks, trance sets etc.

3. Share your position in the file. For files stored in the cloud you can share a direct link to melody you are listening now. It's great for sending quotations, melodies in sets, bookmarks for lectures and audiobooks.

4. Circular slider. Decides it resembles iPod wheel, its 3.14 times more precise than a linear one!

5. Sync playback between devices. You can start listening a book in your iPhone and continue listening in iPad.


All files should be download to the local storage before they can be played. Save your Internet traffic!

Organize files into folders. It's the most convenient way to store melodies on cloud drives.

Repeat, repeat all files in a folder and shuffle options

Control the playback speed.

15 seconds backward and forward fast rewind

Airplay is supported

Sleep Timer

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