Special Tactics gratuit sur iOS (au lieu de 4.99 €) @ Apple

89°Special Tactics gratuit sur iOS (au lieu de 4.99 €) @ Apple

Posté par DylDec le 18/04/2016 à 10h48

Special Tactics gratuit sur iOS (au lieu de 4.99 €) @ Apple

Le 18/04/2016 à 10h48

Le 18/04/2016 à 10h51

Special Tactics gratuit sur iOS (au lieu de 4.99 €) @ Apple




Un jeu de stratégie dans lequel vous dirigez un groupe d’intervention.

Special Tactics brings the most intense, tactical-action experience to iOS through killer gameplay, streamlined controls and carefully crafted maps. Select your custom loadout, plan out strategies and accomplish your objectives.

"If you're a fan of strategy games, this is one you definitely need to keep on your radar" - Peter Willington, PocketGamer.co.uk

"This game is really, really good...I'm having a BLAST" - TheGameHuntah

Special Tactics is very accessible but with immense, tactical depth:
- use Smoke Grenades to block line of sight
- choose a Bomb Site to raid or control
- set up Sniper points
- get up close with Shotguns and SMGs
- pick your Boosters carefully
- complete your objective

[Supports iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPad 2, iPad Mini 1 and up]


- *Best In-Class Combat Mechanics and Damage Models*
- *Best In-Class Controls based around "Focus Points"*

- Intense Single Player Campaign
- Epic 1 vs 1 PvP (Special Tactics Online)
- Unlock Custom Weapons and Attachments
- Intense Survival Mode with Tons of Replay Value
- Real-time online matches (no waiting for opponent)
- Objective-based: Bomb defuse and Bomb plant
- 5 main classes: Sniper, Shotgun, Assault, SMG, Shield
- 4 Boosters: Range, Armor, Damage, Speed
- 6 Equipment: Smoke, Frag, Flash, Fire/Incendiary, Throwing Axe, Sonar
- 8 Carefully Designed Maps
- Collect trophies to rank up from Recruit->Masters


- 60 FPS and super low input latency for A6 chips and up
- Robust, non-cheating AI
- High performance Path Finding
- Full Game Center integration for Networking, Matchmaking, Achievements and Leaderboards
- Robust iCloud Sync for your purchases, stats and progress
- OpenAL spatial sounds (awesome with headphones)
- Native Retina resolution for all devices (including 6, 6+)
- Smooth 3D character animations

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Merci bien. Ça me fait penser à Door Kickers.

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Merci !

Le 18/04/2016 à 17h24

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+1, merci!

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+1 merci

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Merci !

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Expiré dommage :(

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