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Voici l'écran en question :…rue


D'après la discussion que j'ai eu avec le vendeur :

What is the difference between "Telon" and "XY" Screen ?
Our fabric and XY fabric are from the same supplier in Taiwan and we are bigger factory to manufacture projection screen for 11 years. All of parts arw produced by ourself even paper carton.

Is it level A or level B ?
We didn't sell the level B as it's not good.
See video, level A is on the right :…WNY

What is the gain of your screen ?

What is the price for 120' shipping included for 5 screens sent to 5 buyers in France ?
The total amount for 1 pc is $480+$191 by TNT
Soient 603 euros environ

How about the fees ?
We will fill out the value of the screen $150 in the commercial invoice for custom. it is ok for other countries,I don't know If any problem for your country.

Can we pay by paypal ?
Yes, but there will be an extra charge of paypal : 4,5%

Dimensions of the screen :
120' : 2.66*1.49m
100' : 2.21*1.24m

What about edge around the screen ?
Our buyers like narrow edge frame screen,the edge is 1cm as can choose the edge for 6 cm.8 cm also and 10cm,15cm is for large fixed frame screen.

Is it Crystal grid or Crystal lines ?
Hi,our screen fabric is PET crystal LINES.

In the description, it is written "the curve design for curved frame projector screen "... is the screen curved, or totally flat ?
It's flat, not curved

Can you use other shipping services to reduce its price, because delay is not a problem ?
We suggest use TNT or Fedex as the fabric for PET Crystal is easy broken.If we used the cheaper shipping,it couldn't make sure to protect it good.

What is the price for 100' ?
The price for 100inch is $298/pc and shipping fee is $165 by TNT.

What are our recourses if there is a quality issue ?
Our warranty is one year and we will take responsible for it if any damage during the shipping. No worries !

Une vidéo par un utilisateur français :

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